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What is a Ticketmaster Gift Card?

Gift cards are a great way to give your loved ones the chance to choose tickets for whatever they want – whether their thing's music, sport or the theatre, we've got something for everyone. You can buy them in denominations of £10, £15, £25, £50, £100, £200 and £250, and they can be used as part or full payment for any tickets booked with Ticketmaster UK.

What can my Gift Card be used for?

You can use your gift card to buy most tickets available through Ticketmaster UK, along with any merchandise available on our website like t-shirts and albums. 
There are a few events where we can't accept payment from a gift card – for example, paperless events. You also can't use our gift cards to book for events outside the UK.

Purchasing a Gift Card

You can buy online at or by calling 0844 847 1640. Calls to 0844s cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Or, if you'd prefer you prefer to buy over the counter, our gift cards are available from lots of leading high street retailers and supermarkets. You can pick one up with your shopping: 

Asda WalMart
WH Smith
Clinton Cards
Martin McColls
Tesco (selected stores)

If you want to buy more than four cards, or more than £250 worth of cards at once, email our sales team at

Using your Gift Card

Most of our gift cards can be used to book online at Just choose your tickets as normal, and then you'll have the option to use a gift card when you get to the payment page. The page will confirm that details of the tickets selected, and then the Credit/Debit card payment and billing detail,  Below this you'll be able to select Membership Rewards Points from American Express, then under this you can click on the Redeem Gift Card Now. Once you click this the space to enter the gift card details will appear. 

You'll need to enter the gift card number from the back – this will begin either 0130, 533 or 633 – and the 3 or 4 digit security code (or pin) from the signature strip. The security code can sometimes be under a silver foil panel. Please be careful when you enter the security code because if its entered incorrectly 3 times it will lock the card for 24 hours.
You can also book over the phone on 0844 847 1640 – the lines are open from 08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday or 08:00-18:00 Saturday and Sunday. Calls to 0844s cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Please note that at the moment you can't use gift cards on our mobile app or our mobile site.

How can I make a booking on Ticketmaster Theatre using my gift card?

Customers can now make payments with Ticketmaster gift cards. At the moment only one gift card can be used when booking.

If you have more than one gift card don’t worry! You can still pay the additional amount with a gift card – just book complete your booking using your debit or credit card and then get in touch with the team here with your booking reference number and the unsured gift card number. We’ll then process any valid gift card and refund the difference back to the credit or debit card that you paid with.

Please note that even if your gift card does completely pay for the booking you will still need to add a credit/debit card when booking, but you card won't be charged.

Remember to check that your gift card is still valid by clicking here. We're unable to issue refunds on any expired cards.

How do I check the balance of my Gift Card?

It's really easy – just click here – you'll need to enter your gift card number which is on the back.
If you'd prefer to do it over the phone, the number's 0844 847 1640. Calls to 0844s cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Please remember that there is no facility on our website for you to store the balance to use at a later date. So you will need to enter the card number at the time of booking.

How long is my Gift Card valid for?

Your card is valid for 12 months from the day it was bought – after that it will expire and we can't extend cards or issue refunds. If you're the one giving the gift, please remember to pass the information on – you don't want it to go to waste!

Can I extend my Gift Card once it expires?

Unfortunately not – it's valid for 12 months, but if you haven't used it by that time we can't extend the card's life. Please remember to check when your card was bought so you don't lose out.

What is an e-Gift Card?

These are great for last minute gifts! You just order online and instead of waiting for a plastic card through the post, we'll email all the details directly to the person you're giving it to. We can do that straight away, or you can choose a specific date – it's completely up to you. We can even deliver the card directly to your loved one's Facebook wall if you want us to.

Can you replace lost Gift Cards?

Unfortunately we can't. There's no way of tracing them, so it's really important that you keep them safe until you're ready to make a booking. Think of your Gift Card like cash.

Can I have a refund on my Gift Card?

Refunds are available for un-used purchased from us up to 14 days from the date of activation. Refunds will be issued in the form of a cheque and can take up to 6 to 8 weeks. To request a refund please click on the link below and complete the form. Please include as much information as possible. 

** Please note this form cannot be used to request a refund for event tickets. **

Additional information can be found by clicking here and downloading the form. A refund can be requested by completing the form and sending it to the address or by clicking the contact us tab above.

Terms and Conditions

If your gift card was still in its original packaging when you received it, you should find a sheet folded up inside with the full terms and conditions printed on them. If not, or it got thrown out with the recycling, don't worry – you can check them here.
The most important thing to remember is that they're valid for 12 months from purchase – after that they'll expire, so please don't forget!

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We try to make sure that the tickets we send out are always valid to use when we send them. However sometimes tickets can get damaged in delivery, such as being wet by rain when posted, or accidently ripped when opening the envelope.

Your tickets usually come with two barcodes on each ticket, one on stub and another in the centre of the main ticket. As long as each ticket has at least one clear barcode on them they can still be scanned and used. If your tickets have ripped try and tape them together so no pieces are lost, but make sure none of the take goes over your clear barcodes.

If both barcodes on your tickets are damaged please contact us with the details for your booking, including the reference number, event name, and attach a picture of your tickets and we'll check to make sure the tickets are still valid.

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Sometimes the event organisers will ask us to use paperless tickets, to make sure as many genuine fans as possible get the chance to book. Please remember that this means no paper tickets will be sent in the post. 

Please note that Hamilton does has a few different paperless requirements. Please click here for more information.
How does it work?
When you book for a show, the card you use to pay will then act as your tickets to get you in on the night. It's all very clever – your card details are just transferred securely onto the scanning system at the venue, so on the night they just swipe your card, check it against your ID to make sure you are who you say you are, then you're in. No paper tickets through the post and no going to the box office to pick your tickets up.
One thing to remember – your whole group will need to arrive together. As the cardholder, you're the important one! Your guests will need to arrive with you to get in.
Virtual credit cards won't work as there's nothing to scan on the night – you'll need to use a physical card that you can take along with you.
Can I authorise someone else to use my tickets?
You can't – paperless tickets are designed to stop tickets from being passed on or resold, so this would make it too easy for resellers to get round the system. Please only buy tickets if you’re sure you're definitely going to the event. If your circumstances can change quite quickly, maybe you should leave it up to someone else in the group to book the tickets.
We will try to help where we can though – we know that things can come up, so if your circumstances do change, get in touch with our customer services team and we'll try to help.
What if I go to the entrance with my kids and swipe my card – can they go in without me?
This isn't allowed – you, as the cardholder, actually have to go into the venue, watch the show and have a good time. If your kids ask you to book tickets for them and it's a paperless event, they'll have to make the booking on their own card if they want to go without you being there.
Don't forget, we accept debit cards as well as credit cards, so under 18s can still make a booking.
Can I transfer my order onto another card?
We can only ever transfer onto another card if the one you booked with has expired. It would still have to be in your name and address, so we can't transfer onto someone else's card.
What do I need to take with me on the night?
Confirmation of booking.
The credit/debit card used to buy the tickets.
State issued photo ID – that's a driving license or passport.
What if I don't have a passport or driving license?
It's going to be really strict on the night, so you will need some state issued photo ID. If you can't provide the right ID, you might not get in – and we can't refund unless the event actually gets cancelled. To avoid problems, if you don't have any photo ID, it's best to get someone else in your group to order the tickets.
Will I get any paper tickets before the show?
No, sorry! If it's a paperless event, just bring yourself, your card, photo ID and your reference number.
What if my friends won't be there until later?
The whole group does need to go in together. If your friends are late and you go in without them, they won't get in.
What if my card is expired or it's been lost?
We'll always try and contact everyone whose card is due to expire before the day of the event so that you can add your new card details to the booking. You can then get into the event with your new card.
We might not always be able to contact you though – and we won't know you've lost your card until you tell us – so please remember to get in touch once you've got your new card.
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There's lots of information here on our helpdesk and it's really easy to use. Just enter your questions into the search bar and view the results...97% of our customers usually find the answers they need without having to contact us. 

Cancelled and altered events

If you’ve heard of your event being cancelled or altered, check our cancelled and altered page here for more info about what will happen next. If it’s not on that page yet, it means that we're still awaiting confirmation from the event organisers, so we won’t have any more info for you just yet – don’t worry though, we’ll email you as soon as full details have been confirmed to us.

Ticket dispatch status

If you want to check the delivery status of your order, check our dispatch update page here – we update this page every day! If your event has been printed please wait until 5 days before the event to contact us, and if your event isn't listed yet, please bear with us as more events are being added to the page all the time. If your tickets are being sent to an address outside the UK please allow until 5 days before you leave for the UK to contact us, so you give your tickets enough time to arrive. 

Balance a payment plan booking

If you have a payment plan booking for Creamfields, Reading & Leeds or Download and you’ve had a payment rejected, please call 0333 003 5939 to make payment. You’ll need your reference number, telephone number and the last 4 digits of your original credit/debit card. This is the quickest way to make any missed payments.

Events in Northern Ireland or the Rep. of Ireland

We can only help with events in England, Scotland and Wales, so you’ll need to contact Ticketmaster Ireland. If you’re calling from the UK please dial 0333 321 9996. If your calling from Rep. of Ireland the number’s 0818 903 001. Or you can contact Ticketmaster Ireland through their website

Queries about buying or selling through Get Me In!

If you have any queries about buying from or selling your tickets on Get Me In you’ll need to contact them through their website:

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If you’d rather call us, here are the details:

Phone: 0333 321 9999
Overseas: 0044 161 425 7563

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

Calls to 0333 numbers are chargeable at a local rate from both UK landlines and mobile phones.

If you're calling for help with an outstanding order, please have your booking reference number and the last 4 digits of your card number handy. We work in line with the Data Protection Act, so to keep your details safe we can only discuss a booking with the cardholder we have on record.
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